3.1.A Modeling Topography using Toposolids

Revit 2024 Update

The workflow for modeling site topography was changed to an entirely new implementation in Revit 2024.  

The workflow shown below works for Revit 2023 and earlier versions.


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

1. Open a new Revit project and create a new topography element. 2. Begin by placing four points in a square to give your topography an area of approximately 10,000 SF. 3. Now place five to six new points inside this square with elevations varying between -20' to 20'. You may also edit the elevations of the four corner points to give the topography the shape you desire. 4. Look at your elevation in a plan view. Change the cut height to 10' and note the difference. 5. Finally, change the material of your topography to Grass.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look something like this:

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