3.8.B Modifying Component Families


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

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  1. Open the Living Room Seating Area 3D view.
  2. Select the couch and edit the family.
  3. Create a new parameter that will control the visibility of the head rests and support pegs.
  4. Add two new instance parameters to this family: "Pillow 2 Fabric" and "Pillow 1 Fabric". These parameters should each change the materials of one pillow.
  5. Edit the extrusion of the top layer of the ottoman and add a parameter that will let you control the distance this object overhangs the rest of the ottoman. The parameter should control the distance in all dimensions, so that the top layer remains a square in all cases.
  6. Load the new family into the project.
  7. Change the parameters of the couch so that the head rest is not visible, Pillow Fabric 1 is the material Fabric 3, Pillow Fabric 2 is the material Fabric 4, and the over hang distance is 0'6".

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like this:


Download FileEnding Point