4.4.B Creating New Materials & Appearances for Rendering



Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  • Create the a new material for the furniture
    • Open the Level 1 - Furniture plan view
    • Select the Eames chair in the living room of the residence and set the materials as follows:
      • Eames Chair Frame―use Teak from the wood library
      • Eames Chair Leather―use Leather-Black from the leather library
      • Eames Chair Metal―use Metal-Chrome from the metal library
    • Assign these new materials to the Eames Chair component:
      • Seat fabric―use Eames Chair Leather
      • Metal parts―use Eames Chair Metal
      • Wooden shell―use Eames Chair Frame
  • Choose an appropriate render appearance for realistic and rendered views
    • Open the Living Room Interior view
    • Choose the Realistic visual style to see the new render appearances applied to the elements

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like this:


Download FileEnding Point