6.1.A Using Conceptual Mass Families



Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  • Use Phases tool to create two new project phases.
    • Duplicate the default 3D view.
    • Set the Visibility/Graphics overrides for this new view to show the Mass elements category.
  • Load several mass families from the Revit Library to use in modeling the conceptual mass for a building form. Load these mass families:
    • Box
    • Cone
    • Cylinder
    • Dome
    • Gable
    • Barrel Vault
  • Move and resize these mass elements as desired to create the shape of a building form that you’d like to explore.
    • Resize and reshape the elements by adjusting their instance and type properties.
    • Use the Move tool to position the elements alongside or intersecting other elements as needed to create your form.
  • Use the Join Geometry tool to merge two overlapping masses into one.
  • Try cutting away part of one mass by removing the part that intersects with another mass.
    • Position two masses so that part of one intersects another. For example, try position a cylinder mass -- that might represent a special entry area -- so that it intersects with a box -- representing the whole building.
    • Use the Cut Geometry tool to subtract one mass from other. For example, try cutting the cylinder mass geometry out of the box mass.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like the end point:

Download FileEnding Point