6.3.C Creating Curtain Walls & Curtain Systems


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  • Create a few vertical curtain wall elements using the Storefront curtain wall type.
    • Open the Wall by Face tool.
    • Select the Storefront curtain wall type in the properties palette.
    • Select a few vertical surfaces to place curtain walls using this wall type.
  • Split one of the curtain walls to change a portion of the wall into another basic wall type.
    • Select the wall element to split.
    • Open the Split tool, then click somewhere along the length of the wall elements to split it.
    • Choose one portion of the split wall.
    • Select the Exterior - Brick on Mtl. Stud wall type to change the selected portion to this type.
  • Create sloping curtain system elements on the sloping mass surfaces.
    • Open the Curtain System by Face tool.
    • Duplicate the existing 5’ x 10’ curtain system type, and create a new type named 8’ x 4’.
    • Change the type properties for this new curtain system type to specify:
      • Grid 1 spacing = 4’-0”.
      • Grid 2 spacing = 8’-0”.
      • All mullions = Rectangular Mullion : 1.5" x 2.5" rectangular
    • Select the sloping mass surfaces.
    • Use the Create System tool to create the new curtain system.
  • Reshape the mass form and update the curtain systems to match the new form shape.
  • Use the Edit In-Place tool to open the mass form for editing.Push or pull on the mass surfaces, edges, or vertices to reshape it.Click the Finish Mass tool to complete your editing.Select the curtain system elements in your model that are affected by your form changes, and use the Update to Face tool to update them using the new form shape and surface locations.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like the end point:

Download FileEnding Point