7.1.A.1 Creating a Linked Building Model


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  • Create a Revit model using Structural Template.
    • Open the 3D and plan views in the architectural model to review the overall layout of the building.
    • Close all views of the architectural model.
    • Create a new Revit project using the Structural Template.
  • Link the architectural model into the new structural model.
    • Open the Link Revit tool.
    • Select the architectural model.
    • Use Auto-Origin to Origin position.
  • Create and adjust the 3D structural view
    • Create the Default 3D view.
    • Change the Discipline property of the 3D view to see how it affects the categories displayed in the 3D view.
    • Fine-tune the categories shown in the 3D view using the Visibility/Graphics overrides for the view.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like this:

Download FileEnding Point