7.2.E Copying Elements to Similar Floor Levels


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  • Copy the structural elements supporting Level 2.
    • Open the 3D -Structural view.
    • Use the view cube to rotate the 3D view to display the front.
    • Drag to select all the structural elements supporting Level 2.
    • Filter the selected elements to include only these categories:
      • Structural Columns
      • Structural Framing (Girder) and (Joist)
      • Structural Beam Systems
      • Floors
  • Copy the selected elements to Clipboard.
  • Use the Paste Aligned to Selected Levels tool to copy these elements to Level 3 and the Roof level.
  • Confirm that the new elements were placed accurately.
    • Open to the 3D - Structural View.
    • Confirm that the structural elements were copied accurately to the other floor levels.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like this:

Download FileEnding Point