7.2.G Creating an Analytical Model


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Workflow Update

In Revit 2023 and newer versions, the Analytical Model is no longer created automatically.

So, to use the Analytical Model features, you’ll need to create:

  • an Analytical Model (using the Analytical Automation tool)
  • a special view displaying the Analytical Model elements (using Visibility Graphics Overrides)

To create an Analytical Model for your building elements:

  • Open the Analyze > Structural Analytical Model > Analytical Automation tool in the Revit ribbon.
  • Select and run the Physical to Analytical for Buildings script in the Analytical Automation window.
  • Select the Physical building elements to be converted.
  • Click Run.

To create an Analytical Model view displaying only the Analytical model elements:

  • Duplicate the default 3D view.
  • Use Visibility Graphics Overrides to:
    • Show the Analytical Model categories
    • image
    • Turn off the Model categories
    • image