9.2.B Using TimeLiner in Navisworks



Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Integrated Model Starting Point

Download Practice File:  Arch Model Starting Point

Download Practice File:  Struct Model Starting Point

Download Practice File:  Task Timeline Starting Point

  • Open the integrated model file set Integrated Model - Start.nwf.
  • Create a task timeline for the elements in the integrated model.
    • Open the TimeLiner tool.
    • Switch to the Data Sources tab.
    • Add a CSV import data source.
    • Select the Task_Timeline_Simple.csv file.
    • Associate TimeLiner columns with external field names:
      • Task Name = Title
      • Display ID = TaskID
      • Synchronizaton ID = TaskID
      • Planned Start Date = Expected Start
      • Planned End Date = Expected End
  • Select the New Data Source and Refresh to rebuild the task hierarchy.
  • Create a series of sets to quickly select specific elements from the integrated model:
    • Foundations:
      • Level 1 Slab
      • Level 1 Footings
    • Level 1 (and repeat for Levels 2 and 3)
      • Level n Columns
      • Level n Beams (W21x55 and W24x84)
      • Level n Joists (W14x30)
      • Level n Exterior Walls
    • Roof
      • i. Roof
  • Attach the sets to the associated tasks in the timeline.
    • Drag sets from the Sets window to the Attached column in the appropriate row in the TimeLiner window.
    • Set the Task Type for each of these tasks to Construct.
  • Run the TimeLiner simulation.
  • Switch to the Simulate tab in the Timeliner window.
    • Adjust the Settings to set the Playback duration to 120 seconds.
    • Click the Play button to run the simulation.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like this: