9.3.A Publishing Your Revit Model to Assemble

Option 1:  If Revit Models Not Stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud Project, Install the Revit Add-In for Assemble

If your Revit models are not stored in an Autodesk Construction Cloud project, you’ll need to download and install the Revit Add-In for Assemble here:

When you install the Revit Add-In, it will add an Assemble > Publish command to your Revit application.


Option 2:  If Revit Models Stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud Project, Use Assemble Web Interface to Import Your Revit Model Directly from ACC

Assemble provides an option for importing Revit models that have been uploaded to an Autodesk Construction Cloud project.

If you use this method, you don't need to install the Revit Add-In for Assemble.  You can import your Revit model directly from your folder in the Autodesk Construction Cloud project.

  • Open the Assemble web interface at https://stanford.tryassemble.com
  • Open our class project from the list of available projects. Look for the project whose name looks like Fall 23 - CEE 120A_220A (substituting the current academic quarter)
  • Click the +Add/Update Models link (at the top of the list of models)
  • A browser window will open showing the models available in the linked Autodesk Construction Cloud project.
  • Navigate to your personal folder and select the Revit model to upload to Assemble.
  • Click the Next to begin importing your model.
  • Click the Dismiss button when the process is complete.