Example: Folding Shutter Panel in Grasshopper

This is a tutorial created by Parametric Online, an excellent YouTube channel to follow for Grasshopper tips and workflows. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with new tutorials and reward them for sharing their work.

This two part example shows how to create a folding shutter (made from 4 folding panels), then applies these shutters to a divided wall surface.

Part 1: Creating a Folding Shutter Facade Panel

The essential steps are:

  • 2:33 - Create a surface to be divided into shutter panels.
  • 3:10 - Get the bottom edge and divide the curve into 4 points.
  • 3:59 - Copy and rotate the copies of these points to determine the locations of the panels when folded.
  • 6:10 - Add lines to visualize the folded panel locations.
  • 8:20 - Mirror the logic to determine the folded panel locations on the opposite side of the panel center.
  • 9:58 - Extrude the 4 folded panel location lines in the Z direction to the desired panel height to create panel surfaces.

Part 2: Applying the Folding Shutter Facade Panels to a Divided Wall Surface

The essential steps are:

  • 0:52 - Divide a wall surface.
  • 1:38 - Apply the folding shutter logic to one of the surfaces (to test it).
  • 2:10 - After testing with one surface, apply the folding shutter logic to all of the surfaces.
  • 2:40 - Compute separate input values to control the opening of each shutter panel independently.