Example: Maximizing Views for a Grid of Buildings


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Step 1:  Reviewing the Study Graph

Step 2:  Setting Up the Study

Step 3: Exploring the Outcomes

DEBUGGING TIP:  If your Design Study results show " * " (asterisk symbols) for some of the evaluations that appear to be working properly when you run the Study Graph in Dynamo, you may be encountering a memory error.

In testing on my computer, I ran into this problem with the results from the Intersection.CreateIsovist node (which uses a lot of computing resources).  When this happens, try quitting the Revit application and restarting it.  Then, run Create Study again to see if the results now display properly.

Download Files

Please download these files from our shared Google Drive folder, and copy them into your 220C Generative Design Examples folder following the steps outlined earlier: