Loading the Autodesk Sample Files

Pre-Installed Autodesk Sample Files

Autodesk provides several Sample Files as part of the Generative Design for Revit installation.

When you install Generative Design for Revit on your personal computer, they are automatically installed to a folder at this location:

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\AECGD\Revit\Samples 2024


C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\AECGD\Revit\Samples 2025

If you're working on a shared cluster computer, and you do not find these files on the computer that you're working on, you should:

When you open the Create Study dialog:

  • Choose the folder Autodesk Samples to view these samples.

Additional 120C/220C Example Files

To work with the Examples in this module, you'll also need to download a collection of 120C/220C Example Files to the computer that you're using:

When you open the Create Study dialog:

  • Click the Add Folder button to add your new 220C Generative Design Examples folder to the pull-down menu.
  • image
  • Click the + button to the left of the list of folders.
  • image
  • Navigate to your the folder where you’ve stored the 220C Generative Design Examples , then click the Select Folder button.
  • image
  • Click OK to close the Manage Folders dialog.
  • The 220C Generative Design Examples folder will now be available in the Choose Folder menu, so you can create studies using those examples.
  • image