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Module 2 - Points to Ponder
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Please share your comments on 3 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 3 of the 5 questions below.)

What are the primary goals of creating a building model? Who are the key stakeholders?

  • What do they need?
    • A motive to build what they want.
    • A vision to sooth anxiety.
    • A plan of action.
  • What do they care about most?
    • That what is built will be what they want.

How much detail should you include in your building model? How do you decide?

  • As you develop your initial design?
    • Minimal.
    • How to frame your conceptual ideal.
    • Perhaps a shape, texture, or feeling.
  • As you continue to iterate and develop on your design?
    • Add more and more details as you see fit to get ready for the final iteration.
    • The more details the better! Even if they don’t work out.
  • What are the key stages?
    • First Draft
    • All the drafts in between
    • Final Draft
  • And how much detail should you include at each stage?
    • First draft - minimal detail
    • All the drafts in between - more and more details
    • Final Draft - as many details as possible

How much detail should you include about the composition (layers, materials, thicknesses) of your wall, floor, and roof assemblies at different stages of your design process?

  • Conceptual design
    • Can have minimal detail and a lot of iterations.
    • To get ideas on paper.
  • Preliminary design
    • Is my conceptual design feasible?
    • How to start working out the kinks.
  • Design development
    • Can have many iterations as well.
    • Getting your project ready to be built.
  • Construction documentation
    • Final draft.
    • All the details needed to build.