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Follower Farkle

Follower Farkle is described as “nice” by most of his acquaintances; his test scores always land around the median, he has never asked a question in lecture, and he has not been in a leadership position since he was assigned stage manager in his fourth grade. Follower Farkle, who does not identify with his more opinionated and ambitious Stanford peers, is content with his identity as the “chill” friend of frat boys Too-Cool-For-School Carl and Superstart Sean. Although he didn’t win, his favorite memory this year was when all of his fraternity brothers cheered him on as he participated in a beer-chugging competition. While he does not pay much attention to politics, his greatest fear is to be canceled and shunned by the student body (he checks Fizz every night to ensure his name is not mentioned).

Potential Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1

Simply put, Follower Frankle likes to fit in. He wears his basketball cap backward just like Too-Cool-For-School Carl, makes sure to attend a party every weekend, and changed his Instagram profile picture to black during the 2020 BLM protests. While he understands that sustainability is important, he does not see his friends care much about dividing their trash.

Point of View Statement 2

The signs on most trash bins are confusing. In order to make himself feel a bit less guilty of contributing to the ever-mounting piles of trash polluting our Earth, Follower Frakle usually throws his trash away based on what the person before him did. If he is alone, he simply peeks into the bins and throws his trash to match what is already in there.

Point of View Statement 3

The other day, Crunchy Camilia stared at Follower Frankle in horror as he automatically threw his candy wrapper into the compost bin. Follower Frankle has had a crush on Crunchy Camilia for years now, and this interaction left him with a pit in his stomach for well over a week. Now, Follower Frankle looks both ways before tossing his trash into a bin. If there is somebody around, he will take the time to sort it.

Selected Point of View Statement

Select the single Point of View statement that you’ll carry forward to inspire and guide your design work.

Follower Farkle is not particularly passionate about sustainability. However, if other people judge him for disposing of his trash wrong and how to do it right is exemplified, Follower Farkle will undoubtedly sort his trash.