Module 7 Submission

Image of My Model



The structural system of my new office building is primarily steel W beams and columns. Steel provides the framework for the entire building, with spans of up to 35 feet. This creates fairly open office space throughout the entire building. These beams are further supported by a system of joists, also steel, on which a steel decking and lightweight concrete floor sits. Along with the beams and columns, there are multiple shear walls and shafts in both buildings to take care of the lateral forces.

Using BIM 360 Model Coordination

  1. Upload your architectural and structural models to your folder on BIM 360 Documents, then copy them into the subfolder named Coordination Space.
  2. Switch to the Model Coordination tool.
  3. Create a new View that merges a 3D view from both your architectural and structural models.
  4. Open the new view, and use the BIM 360 model viewing environment to navigate to an interesting camera viewpoint. Then, create an Issue to share this viewpoint.
    1. Click the Issues button in the left navigation bar to display the saved issues.
    2. Click the Create Issue button to create a new one.
    3. Click a location in the model viewer to place a push pin.
    4. Enter info for this issue:
      • Change the Type to Design
      • Enter a Title
      • Assign the issue to Wilfrido Martinez
    5. Click the Create button to save your issue and send it to the assignee.
  5. Repeat these steps to create three issues sharing interesting viewpoints within your merged models.