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I am a junior, originally in class of 2023 but took a gap year over lockdown. It was during my gap year that I decided to major in Architectural Design. I am minoring in Sustainability in Urban Studies with the goal of being an urban planner/ landscape architect in the future.

House I got to help renovate in Louisiana in 2020
House I got to help renovate in Louisiana in 2020

I love learning about sustainable and culturally aware design in high-density and affordable contexts. Being in the AD department allows me to engage hands-on with this exact material.

From a studio class I took last year I have a little bit of exposure to Revit and SketchUp (very minimal though). I love being able to use different design methods and while I usually like physical modeling, digital modeling is very intriguing to me and I’m excited to learn more!

My goal for this course is to be able to take what I learn from this class and use it as another way to translate my ideas into reality in future studios and projects. I also would like to be able to use the digital tools in professional contexts.