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Hi! My name is Paige Zuniga, and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Architectural Design. In the past, I have worked as a Civil Engineering intern at Long Beach Water Department, and have also worked at Build-LACCD as a Building Information Modeling(BIM) Intern. It was at these internships that I really grew to love not only buildings but the modeling and planning processes behind them.

I am interested in this course, because I have experience in BIM, and really want to expand my knowledge in a formal environment. Using software like Revit, Sketch-up, SolidWorks, and Fusion is always very interesting as I spent all of my high school years using 3D modeling software, and learning more of these skills has become a passion of mine.

My goals for this course are to learn as many skills as possible that would be beneficial in a real-world application while feeling free to explore the extents to which I can use BIM and develop my own style.

My passions/likes are reading, gardening, gaming, watching movies, and spending time with my pets. I have three cats(one of which we just rescued) and a chihuahua.