Point to Ponder Module 5 - Pulito

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Module 5 - Points to Ponder

What are the principal advantages of using a single building information model of the existing conditions as the foundation for modeling proposed additions or renovations?

By using a single building information model of the existing conditions, the designer can be sure to build around the current foundations of what exist. This will help mitigate errors and allow for a more seamless addition. The designer can also better highlight what is new and how various aspects may be demolished.

  • Why not create a separate model for the new proposed design?

By building on the same model, the designer can better highlight what is actually being added or changed. They also have better freedom to give different design options on how the new design will be integrated with the original. This also helps with managing of components so the builders can quickly identify what materials and areas are part of the new addition.

What sort of complexities are introduced when you construct a building complex in phases?

When constructing a building complex in phases, it is important to think about how the buildings will end up connecting. There are certain components such as exterior walls and the roof that are often shared throughout an entire building. It is important to add new phases in a way that keeps the original theming of the building alive and does not look too much like an addition.

  • What happens at the interfaces between the buildings as the phases advance?

As the phases advance, the interfaces between the buildings will need to change. Oftentimes, certain components like some exterior walls and windows will need to be destroyed to make a good connection with the new addition.

  • How can you plan and prepare for these complexities as you create your initial building model?

Designers can plan for the complexities of adding additional building phases by keeping the original building model easily adjustable. For example, splitting certain components like the roof or walls near where the addition may go will allow for quick demolition within Revit without having to hassle with the phase versions of the model. In some cases, it can also be important to plan the interior spaces with the addition in mind so not a lot of interior remodeling is necessary. It is important the two phase components flow well together.