Antonio Pulito

Image of My Model



The model shows a furnished field research station that is around 500 square feet and includes a bathroom and storage closet. The south side has multiple, operable windows to allow for natural heating of the station during the day. Further, this side has a wide sloped roof for easy attachment of solar panels in the future. In the main room, there are four desks and an 8 foot lab bench that includes a built-in sink. There is also a circular table with four chairs and a blank wall for a whiteboard to be hung. The storage room features shelves for holding equipment, and the bathroom is ADA-compliant. The building is kept to a single story and has limited intricacy to allow for easy assembly while still being functional. Within the Revit file are four dimensioned sheets to show: the floor and roof plan of the field research station, elevation views, building section views, and a 3D view.