Huilan Huang, Module 9 - Performance-Based Design

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Images of My Analysis Results

Please paste two screenshots here, based on the options you chose to complete:

  • For Option 1, paste a screenshot of the Benchmark Comparison Graph showing the overall prediction for the energy use given the settings selected.
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Option 1: Building Performance Analysis

Upload your brief one-page summary of your recommended settings to reach your building performance goal to ACC Docs, then embed a public link here.

Be sure to include your recommendations for the top 10 most important factors (excluding HVAC). For each of the factors:

  • Take a screenshot showing the range of values that you selected to be included in the analysis.
  • Briefly explain (in a sentence or two) why you’ve narrowed the range down to the values selected.

Here is the link to my building performance analysis results. It is longer than one page due to the 10 images included.

Option 3: Model-Based Estimating

Upload your summary report presenting your estimate for the major structural elements in your model to ACC Docs, then embed a public link here.

Here is the link to my model-based estimate.

The floors and structural foundations are in units of cubic yards because we were given in the assignment that the cost of concrete is approximately $125 per cubic yard. The structural columns and framing are steel, so I converted the $1800 per ton we were given to a unit cost of $11907 per cubic yard of steel. Thus, the unit of the columns and framing are also in cubic yards due to the cost information I was provided in the assignment.