Mariel’s Vacation House

Image of My Model



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I chose to complete the vacation house for this module since it would challenge me with extra creative liberty and the added factor of the slope. With the slope in mind, most of the house’s action is in the back, on the upper level, with a protected and railed back porch where the vacationing family will most likely spend most of their time enjoying the views. The upper level also contains the two largest rooms of the house with curtain walls facing the slope and the upper-deck patio. However, the lower level also contains several opportunities for relaxing and family time, with a large dining area on the left once entering the house and a large and spacious living room on the right. Past the staircase, there is a small conversation area soon followed by the kitchen and an island table that serves as an area to prepare meals together. Lastly, in the back, mostly submerged underground, and distinguished by utility, is the garage, storage room, and the office that can also serve as a guest room.