Module 2 - Field Research

Image of My Model



The main hexagonal room is 340 SF with large south facing windows which illuminates the tall central room. The south facing wall includes a large glass double-door, slim windows on both sides of the door and 3 square windows above. On the south west and south east facing walls, there are elevated slim windows, multi-sash horizontal windows and a wide window above which allows light in at all angles from the south-side as requested. The central room is open plan and consists of 3 desks, a 8’ bench with sink and a collaborative seating area with space on the wall for a whiteboard and projector. Off to the sides of the buildings is a 80 SF storage room and an 80 SF ADA-compliant bathroom. On the roof, photovolitic pannels cover the surface to maximise the energy we can get from the building and bike racks to the side of the building.

[I do like what I have created! When I got to placing the furniture, I realised how unconventional the shape was for the function. In the initial idea I wanted something different to do compared to the rectangular structures normally seen. I could’ve increased the area to make it work more but I was quite fussy in sticking to the prompt.]