Module 3 Mercer Weis

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Image of My Model



For my vacation home, I decided to model a modern cabin that could be placed amongst the trees in a green environment like Big Sur, California. This two-story home is an ideal location for any family or group of friends to visit for the weekend or an extended period of time. Inside, the first floor features the three rooms (2 twin sized and 1 queen sized), whereas the second floor hosts most of the social spaces (gathering spaces and kitchen). As for my roof, I decided to experiment with the design by mimicking the shape of a wave for aesthetic purposes. After visitors park in the external garage, they can enter the home by getting through the doors on the patio not shown in the image above. The patio that is showcased is a perfect place for people to host casual meals during the day and night while looking out onto a scenic cliffside. As for sustainability elements, I included a curtain wall to let in natural light to reduce electricity use as well as placed solar panels on the roof to generate electricity throughout the day.