Points to Ponder

Solomon Kim
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Module 2 - Points to Ponder
Please share your comments on 3 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 3 of the 5 questions below.)

What are the primary goals of creating a building model? Who are the key stakeholders?

The primary goals of creating a building model is to provide a simplified way to help visualize the end product for both the builders as well as the people financing the project. Therefore, the key stakeholders are the constructors as well as the clients who want the project to occur. In order for these two parties to communicate effectively, we need a way to seamlessly present information in a way that bridges the information gap between these two groups. BIM is a very effective way to do this by using the human sense of sight.

How much detail should you include in your building model? How do you decide?

  • As you develop your initial design?
  • As you continue to iterate and develop on your design?
  • What are the key stages?
  • And how much detail should you include at each stage?

You should put enough detail into your initial design so that someone could reasonably interpret the design and construct a building off of the design. The level of complexity will therefore hopefully increase as you go further into the developmental stages. The first stage is the mockup stage in which you create the first original model, then once this model is reviewed by the client, you may have to revise the model. As you go further through each stage the level of detail will increase.

What are the advantages of getting the Revit component families (for furniture, equipment, and fittings) directly from the manufacturer versus from an online sharing website like RevitCity.com?

Benefits of getting the Revit component families directly from the manufacturer are that it will be more real world because you are using objects that are being used in the current day and thus are going to be implemented in the actual building. This can help us have a perfect idea of what exactly the building will look like from everything to the shape of the furniture to the design of the equipment.