Module 2 - Field Station

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A field research station was designed using rectangular building shape that encompasses a 504 sq ft floor plan. It has a single 36” wide entrance on the east side of the building. To take advantage of the heat and light provided by the sun, the south wall of the building is made up almost entirely of windows. To allow for controlled flow of air, all 17 windows in the building can open. Furthermore, the south side of the roof has railings with enough length to mount 12 standard solar panels, which will provide approximately 400 kWh of electricity per month. The south side of the floor plan is divided equally to provide workspace for 4 students/researchers. The north side of the floor plan contains a lab table and sink, 81 sq ft storage room, an ADA compliant bathroom, and a collaboration area consisting of a table and 4 chairs. All walkways are at least 36” wide, providing enough space for a wheelchair. A wheelchair can also access the collaboration area table by having the chair closest to the entrance door removed.