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Module 3 - Points to Ponder
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Why is it important to accurately model the land features of your project site with a toposurface?

It is very important to have a model with accurate information of the project site with a toposurface. In relation to the cost of the construction, if we have accurate data of a toposurface, conflicts can be reduced such as misleading level or size of basement construction. For the construction stage, Contractor will work on the project based on the given information. If the data is not accurately reflecting the actual condition, delay may be occurred.

Why do stairs follow specific proportions with a set relationship between the tread length and riser height?

The revit model can help prevent the mistakes based on the specific proportions. If the floors can not be connected by the stairs, the revit model will provide warning on it and advise on the issues. That is very important when deciding which material or size of staircase and convenient to the designer to simulate the outcome of different situation.

Describe a case when it would be worthwhile to create a new custom component in Revit… How do you decide when customize versus using readily available components?

When we are going to build a house and located at the hill side, we can use the previous customized component in the Revit with a similar project condition. Let say if we are going to edit something which consist of special requirement from client, may be the specific size of an object and foresee that it will be applied again and again in the same project. Then it would be worthwhile to create a new custom component in the Revit.