Elic Ayomanor

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This hillside vacation house is a great get away. Location in Tahoe City, this well lit vacation house includes 1 master bedroom located on the first floor complete with a bathroom and walkout balcony (access from room and bathroom), 1 escape room also on the first floor where anyone looking to find a quite space to work or relax can spend their time (can also serve as a guest room as it sports a large couch big enough to sleep in), 2 bedrooms on the bottom floor both with two double beds and a bathroom (shower and toilet) adjacent to them. The top floor of this vacation house is spacious, having a kitchen with a walkout patio and stairs leading down to the lower level patio. The bottom floor, equally as spacious has a family room, where people are meant to hang out and converse (table included for games etc.). The bottom floor also has a walkout patio which is the biggest of them all meant for another area for people to hang out and get some air. The bottom floor is the perfect build for having large gatherings.