Module 6.0

Image of My Model



Inspired by the shape of an open book, this commercial office building is a space for Twitbook’s employees — and ultimately, its vision — to thrive. The structure is designed to provide clarity, to encourage productivity, and to foster creativity.

Between the left and right wing is an atrium that spans the height of the building, where employees can collaborate with their coworkers in a more casual setting. Employees can take a walk by the open glass panels on their office level, or take a break for lunch on the top-floor atrium. All floors are connected by two staircases, so employees can easily meet with people outside of their team. The two main sections of the building are arranged at a 60° angle from each other, each adorned with multifaceted window cutouts — a refreshing take on the right angles and evenly-spaced windows of conventional office design.