Module 8

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  • There's no need to upload your model individually this week!  You'll be working on a shared Cloud Revit model hosted in ACC Documents.

Images of My Changes to the Shared Cloud Model

Please paste two screenshots here:

  • an image of the new 3D view you added to the shared model in Revit with a brief text annotation describing the changes.

I’ve added an additional oval shaped building and shifted a circular-shaped building closer to the square shaped building.

  • a screenshot of the ACC Documents model viewer showing the comparison between the version that you published (uploaded) versus the prior version.

In this image, you can see the green building I’ve added, I also shifted the circular shaped room towards the whited out square room and added a small window to the top of the existing building. There are a few modifications to the other roofs as well.


Enter a brief paragraph (5 to 7 sentences) describing the features of your proposed design that you'd like to highlight here...

I’d like to highlight the addition of an oval shaped room. This comes as an addition right outside the front end of the existing building. This could be modified to attach to the main building, which could allow it to serve as a hallway. This could protect people from the elements for a longer period as they are heading to the parking lot. These rooms could all also be used as more private meeting rooms, storage rooms, or restrooms for outdoor gatherings.