Module 2 - Field Research Station

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By separating each use of the field station into independent buildings, the building’s program becomes dynamic, variously connecting or isolating the activities of the researchers depending on their needs at the moment. Researchers can either open the sliding doors, connecting the rooms across the courtyard and creating a large, open, interior space, or close them for independent work in the office, meeting room, or lab. The airiness of the interior, centered by a courtyard with space for small plantings, contrasts with the building’s more solid exterior, which is occasionally punctured by tunnels into the courtyard. This creates a space which is both cloistered and open at once, conducive to the building’s program. Operable windows on the south face and sliding doors throughout the building enable passive cooling through airflow, and a large roof surface would allow for the building to generate a large amount of solar through roof-mounted PVs.