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Ethan Petersen
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Module 5 - Time Travel and Parallel Universes
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By utilizing the L shaped form, stone façade, and arch motif, this extension harmoniously creates a large, open courtyard while also not simply repeating the existing building typology. The shed roof and off-axis L disrupt the regularity of the existing building without compromising its overall integrity or effect. The arches are stretched to open a large seating area and cafe to the outdoors, which is further defined, and connected to an existing axis of the design, by the colonnade’s extension into the interior. A makerspace area is insulated but still visible at the back of the first floor section. The second floor contains three flexible spaces for the other program specified—gallery, meeting, and work space—and has an irregular ceiling defined by the shed roof of the extension. The shed roof continues to the first floor, where it allows a small access point to the extended balcony.