Module 3 Questions

What’s in the plan view?
  • Topography cut at 4’
  • What the markers mean in the plan view
    • it means when the circuled arrow (see snapshot) is inside the drawing area?
Importance of Wall Location Line
Foundation Walls
  • Basement
    • Could you please also advise how to create a basement which has smaller size than the upper floor (see snapshot 2).
  • Basement partial
  • Crawl Space
    • Is there a way to put a cemented block to elevate the whole structure without having a basement (basically a foundation that looks like a ramp itself)?
Copying and Pasting Upper Level Walls
Placing Upper Level Walls Using Pick tool with Wall Alignments
  • I also draw the floor by using the 'pick walls' or the line function but the floor lines do not align and thus I have to correctly by zooming each corner to see the line overlaps (see snapshot 2). Is there a faster way to draw using another alignment type?
Creating Floor Boundaries using Pick Walls and Trimming Corners
Creating Subfloor vs. Finish Floors
  • How can I see if the two floors attach properly (see snapshot 3)?
Using Section to check elevations select walls/ceilings
  • I drew many times a floor for the upper level but it does not show as 2x10 Joist+Carpet (see snapshot 1). Is there a way to show the carpet floor, after I click on the surface?
Placing Stairs
Placing Railings around Openings
Computing Areas for entire boundary
  • Is there a way to calculate automatically surface area without having to draw lines and calculate by hand (esp. for floor that has many corners)?