Practice Exercise: Space Design Guidelines

Practice Exercise: Space Design Guidelines

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Create a set of Space Design Guidelines for the various programmed spaced that will be included in your proposed design, including:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Public Gathering Spaces
    • Public Lobbies
    • Exhibition Spaces
    • Atriums
    • Patios
  • Offices
  • Cafe Food Prep Spaces
  • Cafe Eating Spaces
  • Stairways
  • Hallways
  • Public Restrooms

Create a Google Sheet with a table of the room types and spaces listed above.

  • Walk around and find some spaces (or recall spaces) that you think are successful examples (and some not so successful examples) of each of these types.
  • Note the dimensions that you feel or observe are needed for this type of space.
    • What are the minimum dimensions needed for the space to work well?
    • Are there maximum dimensions -- sizes that get so large that the spaces don’t work well?
  • Also note the key characteristics or attributes that make the space more or less successful.

Think about:

  • Lighting
  • View
  • Materials
  • Thermal comfort
  • Ventilation
  • Acoustics

For example, for Meeting Rooms:

Think about a meeting room that works very well -- one that’s a pleasure to meet in.

  • What are the dimensions of that space?
  • What are the other key characteristics that make it work very well for meetings.

Then, think about another meeting room that doesn’t work so well.

  • What are the dimensions of that space?
  • What are the characteristics that make that space less successful?

Repeat this analysis to come up with Design Guidelines for each of the types of spaces that will be included in your proposed design. Use your Google Sheet to create a table of Space Design Guidelines for each of the types of spaces.  Your design guidelines should include columns for:

  • Space Type
  • Recommended Dimensions
    • Area
    • Length
    • Width
  • Max Length
  • Max Width
  • Min Length
  • Min Width
  • Key Characteristics
    • Lighting
    • View
    • Materials
    • Thermal
    • Ventilation
    • Acoustic
  • Any other characteristics that you think are important for creating a successful space!
Be sure to click the Share button in Google Sheets and change the Get Link property to Anyone on the internet with this link can view, so we can all view your design guidelines. Then, embed a link to your Google Sheet of Design Guidelines by: - Copying the link from Google Sheets and pasting it on your card - Or typing "/", then choosing "Google Drive" to create a block that links to your Google Sheet.

Space Design Guidelines | Fall 2022