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Alessandro Kerr
Jan 5, 2022 7:44 PM
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I think there are several factors that contribute to making an exhibition center “great”. Characteristics such as linking the building architecture and museum theme, and blending historic and modern styles create “great” spaces. I will discuss the characteristics that resonated with me personally through two examples.

Vasa Museum, Stockholm

The Vasa Museum commemorates the only (almost) fully-intact 17th century war ship. It was salvaged from the bottom of the Stockholm harbour and is a largely visited museum in Stockholm. The character and allure of this museum come from the site characteristics and museum design. The museum is located on an old dry dock, which allowed the ship to be towed directly into the museum, and was located near the actual sinking of the ship. The location, paired with the architectural choice of allowing the ship’s sails to extend beyond the roof of the museum really connect the ship and the museum. I think when a building’s design is tailored to the content of the museum, it provides a better visiting experience.


Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

One of my favourite museums to visit is the Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM, located in Toronto, Canada. In this building, I appreciate the effort to link a modern and historic design. On the inside, this allows for large viewing rooms with plenty of light, which abut the historic facade of the original building. For me, this creates a modern viewing experience, but does not neglect the history of the original museum. Moreover, it emphasizes some of the historic artwork when it is viewed next to an historic facade.