Project Goals, Targets & Strategies

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Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies
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Jan 22, 2022 3:26 AM
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Jan 24, 2022 2:04 AM
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Bhagya Devnani

Goal 1: Net Zero Site Energy

Measure: EUI


minimum 80% of the energy consumed at the site is from renewable sources

desired 100% of the energy consumed at the site is from renewable sources


the building’s aim is to utilize as much solar energy as possible as a sun dial footprint. this will include solar panels incorporated within its facade as well as on the roof. other renewable sources may be investigated.

Goal 2: Maximize Daylight and Reduce Artificial Lighting

Measure: spatial daylight autonomy300/50% (sDA300/50%), and annual sunlight exposure1000,250 (ASE1000,250 ) as defined in IES LM-83-12


minimum average sDA300/50% value of 40% (1 LEED point)

desired average sDA300/50% value of 75% (3 LEED points)


maximize daylight in the building through orientation and use of glass facade and skylights. Since the Exhibition Center is only open during business hours, there will be little to no night lighting, which can be used to justify the reduction.

Goal 3: Use of Outdoor Space

Measure: % of total site area


minimum: integrate outdoor space with vegetation and greenery with the building

desired: 30% of total site area (including footprint) should be reserved for outdoor space with at least 25% of the calculated outdoor open space must be vegetated space planted with two or more types of vegetation or have overhead vegetated canopy. (1 LEED point)


since my building is shaped to resemble a sun dial, about 40% of the area of the circle is reserved for outdoor space + an amphitheater. Hence, it will be desirable to incorporate landscaping and vegetation to the exhibition center.