Space Design Guidelines

For my Exhibition Center, I considered a circular building to represent the sun dial. For this reason, the lobby space and room assignment would be a lot more wasteful than 25% overhead. Furthermore, I have a large atrium space which removes 4000SF of floor space on the second level. For this reason, I chose my overhead to be about 35%.

The Space Budget Sheet is as attached:

Level 1 Floor Plan:


Level 2 Floor Plan


The space affinity is pretty standard to what is expected. Cafe and Gift shop are close to the welcome lobby. The large education room stands as the first spot to entry which serves as a starting point for the experience. Then, patrons are guided to either end to see the exhibits. Restrooms and elevators are access from the lobby, which are easy to find and are ADA accessible.

I have two cores - on either end of the building, with restrooms, MEP shafts, Electrical room, Elevators, Janitors’ Closets and Storage.

The guest area and cafe seating will blend, which is why cafe seating is not denoted on my floor plan.

Given the circular nature of the building, the length and widths of rooms are arbitrary for now, but I have stuck to the areas for the most part.

My education rooms are of varying sizes but they add up to the 2500SF denoted for it.

I will need to rearrange the private offices since they are too large. More lobby space for ease of access will solve this issue.