Sustainability - Brianny Martinez


Sustainability means integrating the design with the natural environment and minimizing its carbon footprint. This is achieved through both passive and active design techniques.

Ideas for passive design:

  1. Daylighting
    1. overhangs
    2. skylights
    3. curtain walls
  2. Optimal Building Orientation
  3. a. south facing windows for solar gains

  4. Airtight Buildings
    1. quality windows and insulation to reduce cooling and lighting loads
  5. Passive Solar Heating
  6. a. thermal mass to absorb excess heat (i.e. concrete floor)

    b. sun space, or sun-tempered area

Ideas for active design/energy efficiency:

  1. photovoltaics
  2. sensor-based lighting system, i.e.daylight sensors
  3. geothermal heat pumps