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Catherine Nguyen
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Module 1 - Design Inspirations & Big Feature Ideas
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Jan 15, 2022 3:36 AM
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Jan 24, 2022 2:02 AM

Goal - design a Sustainable Built Environment Learning & Exhibition Center.

I would want my building to exemplify the three pillars of sustainability - environmental, social, and economic. Environmental sustainability will be shown through green building technologies, for which I’ve identified three goals I’d like to hit: energy efficiency, water reuse, and low embodied carbon. The Center will be socially sustainable in that it will be an educational and recreational space contributing to the surrounding community. I’d also somehow like to tie its functionality to the existing site; since the Dish is a popular hiking spot, maybe the Center can also serve as a rest spot for hikers, or a study spot for students, or something... I don’t know yet. I would want to disrupt the existing site as little as possible - would try to do this through the aesthetic design, lots of natural features and textures. Economic sustainability would likely be out of my control for this project scope, but something to keep in back of mind and hopefully the green technologies I choose to implement are also cost effective.

Big Design Ideas

  • Stanford Dish site
  • Natural, timber aesthetic and light interior colors - maximize feeling of open space and blend with existing backdrop
  • image

Design Inspirations


1) The Crystal, London

  • The Crystal’s sustainable technologies

2) Copenhill, Copenhagen

  • Unexpected community benefit (artificial ski slope)Innovative Building / System Features

3) Coupling of green technologies

Innovative Building / System Features

Energy efficiency

  • Passive
    • Roof overhang (building geometry) (lighting)
    • All glass façade, open atrium (lighting)
    • Building orientation (lighting)
    • Living walls (insulation)
  • Active
    • Solar panels

Water reuse

  • Greywater system
  • Green roof for stormwater capture (maintenance though...)

Low embodied carbon

  • Broadly -
    • Locally sourced material
    • Timber