Building Systems & Biological Analogies

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Daniel Diaz

Jan 7, 2022 12:57 AM

We find simple examples of the influence of biology in architecture, such as corridors related to veins, where the transit of people simulates the blood in the human body, or complex adaptations for futuristic designs such as the Hudson Yards inspired in a beehive.

The rise of designs and technics to model architecture from biological organisms has precedence over the future due to their functionality or aesthetics. The inspiration based on biology features to take advantage of the design characteristics of animals or objects has set a new way of design and with the help of the advancements on computers. For example, projects such as the Beijing National Stadium, well known as "the bird's nest," and the Beijing National Aquatics Center mimics the structure of a bird's nest and the geometry of the soap bubbles, deployed during the 2008 Olympics. Standards that designers would not have imagined without computers' generative solutions. Now I foresee a visionary future with an exciting correlation between design, computers, and biology.