Building Details


Features of the Building Envelope:

  1. I included different types of walls with varying r-values to compensate for each other.
  2. There are lots of windows for passive heating throughout the year.

Locations and Properties of Wall surfaces:


The north facing walls and 1/3 of the west facing walls are made out of concrete masonry units. (Rvalue=34) While the rest of the building is mainly curtain walls with an r-value that is yet to be determined.

Windows and Glazing:

The curtain walls have glazing and the normal windows have a low R-value. This is an area for improvement where I plan to incorporated double-pane windows with an air cavity for increased thermal comfort in the building.


Shading features:

I have included window overhangs in the south-facing curtain walls because this is where they are the most effective. I will try to incorporate mechanical overhangs for other windows on the southern side.

I ran a quick analysis...


This is the current EUI, so I am going to have to be more intentional about adding more space for solar panels. At the moment, I included a small roof to allow for the installation of panels on the roof’s south side.


PV Energy Production at the moment for the building.