Building envelope systems - Donatien


The features of the building envelope:

  • A big glass surface facing the sun was created to use as much possible the natural light and capture as much heat as possible during the winter. It is also a way to have a great view on the Boulogne wood while enjoying the exposition.
  • Access to the rooftop is possible during spring, summer and fall. This green roof offers a great view on the wood and is also a good way to improve the roof’s insulation as well as add some green area to the total footprint of the building.
  • the locations and properties of the wall surfaces
    • All the walls from the old buildings are kept. If needed the insulation is improved by the inside to be able to have a thermal resistance of 54 h.ft².°F/Btu. To have some architectural coherence, the tower that contains the core elements like the evacuation stairs, the elevator and the mechanical room has walls using the same material as the old building which is brick.
    • The rest of the added walls have an R of 53 h.ft².°F/Btu and have a broom concrete finish.
  • the locations and properties of the window, glazing, and skylight surfaces
    • The big glazing facades facing south and east are made of triple glazing low E.
    • The two small glazing surfaces facing west and north are also made of triple glazing but made of clear glass.
  • the locations of shading features
    • The rooftop shape provide some shading from mid spring to mid fall to be able to reduce the sun impact on the big glass facades.
    • Windows on the second floor are protected by the terrace from the third floor.
    • Windows on the first floor are small enough not to need shading features. Since it is mostly individual offices, people inside will be able to adapt their shutters to control sun light in their space.