Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

Please select "Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems" and paste in a link to your BIM 360 Folder above. Then please share your design thinking on:

  • the features of the building envelope
  • the locations and properties of the wall surfaces
  • the locations and properties of the window, glazing, and skylight surfaces
  • the locations of shading features

For all of the glass surfaces, I used Triple glazed, low E-value glass. For the floor, I used concrete because of its high thermal mass (23 TM, R-value = 53) so that it will keep temperatures in the building stable and trap heat from the sun to be used later to warm the building in the wintertime. Insight recommended 12.5” SIP for the wall systems for its high R-value. I used the insulated roof with a steel truss on a metal deck because of the high R-value (113). On the north side of the building, I have a few curtain walls and large windows to frame the incredible views. On the southern faces of the building, I included window shading features to keep out the afternoon sun in the summer, while allowing the sun in the wintertime. I included skylights over the areas in the building that were not directly receiving sunlight from the southern wall faces to provide natural light. The upper few feet in the offices are transparent to allow natural light to diffuse into the hallway (inspired by Y2E2). There is a roof element above level one to create an arcade of sorts that shelters patrons from snow in the wintertime, and directs the snow sliding from the roof into the middle of the southern courtyard area.