Design Project Check-In: Plumbing Systems


My plumbing system consisted of two sets of bathrooms on two different floors. On the main floor of the exhibit space the bathroom is centrally located in the foyer. This bathroom contains a men’s restroom with 3 toilets, 3 urinals, and 3 sinks and a women’s restroom with 5 toilets and 3 sinks. The bathrooms share a large wall cavity between the two of them where all of the piping is placed. The bathrooms on the bottom floor that serve the office are a little bit smaller. The men’s restroom contains 2 toilets, 2 urinals, and 2 sinks while the women’s bathroom contains 3 toilets and 2 sinks. Similar to the main floor, this bathroom also shares a large wall cavity where all of the piping is placed. In every bathroom there is an ADA compliant stall as well.

Plumbing System Elements

  • Wall mounted WC - 1.6 gal
  • Wall mounted Urinal, w/ wing
  • Oval lavatory, 21x19

Piping System Elements

  • 1 inch domestic hot water piping
  • 1 inch domestic cold water piping
  • 4 inch sanitary piping


Overall, installing the plumbing systems was relatively straightforward, but there were some challenges when connecting the piping. In the beginning of the process I had a much more complex bathroom design, but I restructured the design to make the piping easier and more streamlined. With bathrooms back to back and piping located in one central the piping system can get very busy and you can run into issues with spacing and having enough room to attach pipes from different fixtures. I fixed most of these issues by trying to stagger toilets and sinks on the opposite wall. When this was not possible and there was a clash that was unavoidable it was more challenging but creating different angles and navigating the pipe through did the job.


Office restroom layout