Plumbing System - Dulce

  • Strategy:
    • My overall strategy was to provide the basic plumbing systems and then add the greywater collection and supply. Apart from the water closets and lavatories I also contemplated adding urinals but I couldn’t figure out a good set up since the piping would no longer be along just one wall. The main reason I wanted to include them was because they often times use less water per flush. But as an alternative I think my water closets can be similar to the type used here at Stanford, pushing the handle up for liquids and down for solids to use less water. This was also my reason for implementing a greywater system, to reduce the amount of water used/wasted.
  • Plumbing System Elements:
    • 2 water closets per floor (6 total)
    • 2 lavatories per floor (6 total)
  • Piping Systems:
    • Sanitary 4”
    • Greywater Collection 3”
    • Domestic Hot 1”
    • Domestic Cold 1”
    • Greywater Supply 1 1/2”
    • image
  • Challenges:
    • I didn’t experience any challenges when modeling this system! Practice 10.5A was very helpful! I think this was also largely due to my very simple stacked bathroom layout. After modeling it once, it was just copy and paste to the aligned levels.