Building Layout & Circulation Systems

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Bhagya Devnani
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Module 5/6 - Building Layout & Circulation Systems
Jan 29, 2022 7:25 AM
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Feb 4, 2022 4:17 AM

Rendering of my building layout attached. As discussed in Module 1 and 2, the building will take a circular shape to represent a sundial.

Please note that I intend to have outdoor landscaping as well as a geodesic dome. Hence, outdoor areas and roof have not been modeled yet.


Floor Plans for Level 1:


As shown, the sequence of exhibits follow the time of the day and the shadow casted by the sun. In terms of layout, the central area with an atrium was placed at the top of the circle, which is the welcome area. To the left is the cafe and food prep area, as people will be eating during the day. To the right is the gift shop, as people would be purchasing souvenirs at the end of the day.

The core (restrooms, fire stairs, elevators, shafts) was first located next to the cafe so that water access can be shared from the same shaft for restrooms and the cafe. However, to make sure that there are atleast two fire stairs and additional restrooms, another core was placed symmetrically across the lobby.

The Kids zone and first education room (the experience would start in this room) can be found between the two indoor exhibits as these are central locations that people will need to access time and again.

The two outdoor exhibits are across the amphitheater, which serves as a meeting space before people disperse to the exhibits.

Floor Plan for Level 2:


Office Spaces were placed close to the windows as building occupants would spend the most time in this space and hence, need the most daylight. Conference rooms placed with a view towards the amphitheater and outdoor exhibits. Remaining education rooms also present on this floor.

In terms of egress, occupants on the second floor may use the atrium stairs or fire stairs as exit paths. On the first floor, patrons may use exits in any direction - entrance, towards the outdoor space and by each fire stair, there is immediately an emergency exit available.

So, exterior doors have been strategically placed for ease of egress for every occupant.

Space Budget Sheet is as attached:

Revit File is as attached on Cloud: