Schematic Design — Building Layout & Circulation Elements

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Marcella Li
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Module 5/6 - Building Layout & Circulation Systems
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Jan 29, 2022 5:02 AM
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Jan 31, 2022 1:31 AM

The general shape of my building takes inspiration from this design from a set of structurally optimized topological interlocking assemblies (as seen in my module 1/2 design check-in). In plan-view, it takes an hourglass shape. I intend on orienting the building such that the large arch faces out toward a view of the bay/Stanford.


I decided to locate the entrance at the wide face/arch to allow for a double-height/atrium style entrance. The lobby will be centered at the front, allowing access sideways to the gift shop and a feature stairway that takes you to the upper exhibits and café. To make the lobby distinct, I want to incorporate a double-height green wall.

On both levels, I located the bathrooms and mechanical/storage rooms in the middle of the building at the narrowest part of the shape. This felt like a good central location to access the bathrooms no matter which end of the building you are in. This is also where I placed one of the egress staircases, and the elevators.

I decided to focus the lower level on education and working spaces. So on the lower level you'll find the kids zone behind the lobby, with easy acess to education rooms. Then the back end is where all the offices and conference rooms are located, making it a distinct area for working. At the back end I am also placing an atrium to allow more light to reach the office spaces.

Upstairs is where all the exhibits are located, as well as the café and terrace. I want this space to be very open plan, without many/any distinct walls that separate the different exhibit spaces.


To simplify the modeling and also to have a regular shape to build rooms within, I am modeling the floor plans with a rectangular dumbbell shape. I will then express the lofted curved shape from the first image by modeling it as a draping roof over the building.


Revit Model: