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Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems
Feb 22, 2022 12:28 AM
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Feb 26, 2022 5:02 PM
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Kim Juarez-Rico

Overall Strategy

My overall structural strategy was to use a steel frame that can assist in the construction process taking advantage of prefabrication processes. A steel framing a system also allows for the necessary support for the green roof system to meet the goal of maximizing green area and the terrace that will be used to support the weight of people that will encourage commuters to use the space.


Features of the Structural System

The structural system features columns, foundations, beams/beam systems, structural walls, and structural floors. The image on the left shows the terrace structural system that will be used to support a roof for the terrance. The image on the right displays the structural systems of the greenhouse exhibition space and the Kid’s space. I am considering switching the steel systems of the greenhouse to wood since it supports less weight in the roof system. However, I may still add a green roof to the green house in the final design.


Material and Framing System Selected

I used the following structural systems:

Columns: 10x33 steel every 40’, with exceptions based on the angles of the structure

Beams and Beam Systems: 12x26 steel with 5’ spacing

Footings: 72x48x18 concrete under each beam

Floors: LW concrete on metal deck

Walls: Structural curtain walls for curtain walls and storefront elements, structural brick on metal stud walls for brick walls, and interior structural walls.

This image shows the structural walls:


Locations of Structural Columns

The structural columns are placed along a grid system with grid lines placed every 40’ with some exceptions made to support the pentagonal angles of the exhibition spaces. This image shows a cross section of the entrance which also has irregular angles to the other rectangular elements of the design. As shown, there are some instances where there are more columns than the typical grid system:


Major Framing Elements

The major framing elements include the beam systems that are used to support the terrace so that people can use the space as seating when exiting the offices. I also included extra beams at locations where there might be more interior stresses from the angles of the design. I wanted to ensure that the angles would be structurally sound and earthquake resistant.

Special Structural Challenges

Some challenges of the design’s structure are mostly due to the irregular angles of the front entrance and exhibition spaces. I am considering including more beam systems in some areas, though they are not supporting the terrace so there may not be a need. I added extra supports in areas that were cut off by the angles as well to ensure structural stability.