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Brianny Martinez
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Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems
Feb 19, 2022 2:44 AM
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Feb 26, 2022 5:04 PM


Overall, I decided on a traditional cast-in-place concrete framing system. My decision was influenced by how common it is to build using concrete in Colima, Mexico. Since precast concrete is not as common, and I wanted to optimize buildability/construction time, I chose cast-in-place. To still demonstrate innovative and sustainable construction, I plan to use an alternative cement that shows a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in comparison to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Limestone Calcined Clay (LC3), for example, is an alternative cement that has shown to reduce CO2 emissions by about 30% in comparison to OPC.


My building layout is primarily open space, especially in the exhibition areas, so my grid spacing was wide. With wide spacing, I chose a deep beam cross section in order to maximize the tributary length of each beam. Deep beams were also an architectural choice because I want the structural system to be visible and command attention throughout the spaces. I attempted to place columns towards the exterior so that the beams could laterally cross the ceiling as the people walk through the space. It was challenging to frame around the elevator and stair spaces. To accommodate this, I had to create additional grid lines that crossed around those areas and not through them.