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Mariela Santelices
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Module 11 - Sharing Your Project
Mar 19, 2022 12:34 AM
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Mar 22, 2022 6:09 PM


The unique features of my design include the snake-like shape of the building itself and the structural system that I created for the building characterized by steel columns surrounded by thick, architectural wooden columns that rest on the interior of the building. I’m proud of how my structural system turned out, and how well it looks in the coordination model with my architectural model. Another essential design feature and one that I am proud of were the radiant floor systems that I created for the building. Modeling those radiant floors was challenging, but I do think that they turned out really nicely, although they were pretty tedious and time-consuming. I also struggled with modeling the structural system, but again I think it turned out well. The biggest challenge overall had to do with the irregular shape of the building, especially my original design, but I’m really glad I changed it before getting too far into the process. On that note, the biggest lesson I learned throughout this class was to not let the architectural vision dominate the building design but to really think holistically about the building from the start to make things easier throughout the modeling and construction process. In hindsight, I would have asked for more help throughout the process to make modeling easier, and I would not have allowed myself to fall behind in the beginning because it caused a lot of stress, and I think it snowballed near the end and made me dread working on the project. I definitely didn’t love working on this project all the time, but I learned so much from this class and I’m excited to apply my knowledge in future projects, not just about how to model these systems in Revit, but how to think about creating a building. Honestly, I’m glad I struggled so much and learned these lessons the hard way because I think it will make me a better architect and designer and really understand the importance of thinking holistically about a building.

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